Easy Recurring Billing for Your Customers Using MTC’s Credit Card Processing

Now ensure smooth and secure billing of your customers for repeated jobs using the new recurring billing feature of MTC’s Credit Card Processing D365/CRM add-on. The recurring billing feature is likely to reduce the manual efforts drastically and ensure automatic billing of your customers on scheduled dates.

As is already known that MTC’s Credit Card Processing helps businesses to add and manage credit cards as well as carry out transactions of their customers securely in an encrypted manner, the new recurring billing feature will avoid the need to carry out the billing transactions of your customers periodically by configuring simple settings as discussed below.  

Configuration Steps for Recurring Billing Feature

  • Navigate to Dynamics 365 àSales à either Accounts or Contacts
  • Let’s see how Recurring Billing works on Contacts. Select a sample contact for example, Ramesh.
  • From the Commands Option (…) click on Recurring Billing.

  • A Recurring Billing window appears with several fields as shown below

Fields Description

Subscription Name: It is the name of the subscription.

Subscription Type: It refers to measurement unit of the duration namely, Days and Months.

Subscription Interval: It refers to period value for which this subscription billing has to be triggered (Ex: 3, 4). 

Subscription Start Date: It refers to the starting date of the subscription on which the recurring billing will be applied based on the subscription interval selected.

Payment Amount: It refers to the Amount to be paid in the recurring bill cycle.

Total Occurrences: It refers to the no. of times a recurring billing is scheduled to happen.

Trial Period: In here, you can provide Trial Amount and Trial Occurrences.

Customer Information: In this field, you are required to provide the customer information including Customer Name, Email, Address, Credit Card, etc., for the recurring billing to be activated.

On submission of the above details, the recurring billing gets activated for a customer allowing businesses to get automatic payments for scheduled intervals. 

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