Project Planning in Project Services Automation

Project Planning is one of the one most powerful features associated with Project Service Automation (PSA) capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Project Planning is essential for achieving the strategic business goals of any organization and so a lot of thought process goes into it. Majorly, Project Planning enables Sales and Project Managers to associate on the work proposed and visualize on the cost and duration. Project Managers can create and plan projects more efficiently with pre-defined templates.  As a result, they can quickly view the current project status including project duration and milestones as the project evolves.

PSA has all the project planning and project management aspects covered through its unique, transparent and modern features as explained below.

  • Work Breakdown Structure: Work breakdown structure represents the sequence of tasks in a project. The work breakdown structure includes tasks, requirements for each task, revenue and cost information.
  • Project Estimates: Here project managers can view the estimates in terms of Effort, Cost, and Sales with a flexibility of viewing it in the horizons.
  • Project Tracking: The effort tracking view shows the progress of tasks in the work breakdown structure. It compares the actual effort hours spent against a task till date to the planned effort hours on a task.The cost tracking view shows the cost consumption of each task. It compares the actual cost spent against a task till date to the planned cost on a task.
  • Project Team members: Here a project manager creates a team based on the activities in project plan with required roles and skillset of resources.
  • Time Entries: Time Entries will allow resources to post their work time for each job task assigned based on which actual hours will be generated

Eventually, Project Planning enables sales and project managers to collaborate on the work proposed with the visualization of the cost, duration and Effort.