Resource Management in D365 Project Service Automation

Resource Management is one prime capabilities of Project Service Automation (PSA) in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Resource management contains powerful and flexible features that provides visibility in to the resources based on the availability, cost and skill set which is utilized in to the project work and balances resource workloads across multiple projects by effective employee time and task allocation. With resource management you can assign the right people to the right projects. You can also track resource utilization and forecasting metrics. Managing your resources effectively is the best way to reduce costs across the organization and resource management in PSA does exactly the same.

Resource management Capabilities:

  • Adding Generic Resources: Generic Resources are added in project templates when Project Managers do not yet know which resources will actually do the work. Generic resources can help indicate demand for resources in a specific role which helps in creating a project team members in the project.
  • Submit Resource Request: The Project managers can create the Project Team where they can select available resources and submit the request for approval of the resources.

    For instance the project manager requires 2 developers for a particular project. Under resource availability he will be able to view the Resource pool of developers and also view their availabilities.

    The project manager then submits the request for these resources by soft booking them on the project. After the request is submitted Resource manager get notified all the resource requests.

  • Book a Team Member: Project manager will find the suitable person for a project and select the resource and then uses BOOK option to add them to the project.
  • Maintain Bookings: After the project manager identifies the team for executing a project within a timeline, but realizes that some resources are not available for that particular timeline, he then uses maintain booking option to view the resources availability and picks up the suitable resources using find substitute option as alternate resources for the project.