Project Services Overview

Project Service Automation (PSA) is an end to end solution that provides project-based business more productively by bringing people, processes, and automation technology together through a unified experience.

Project service automation for Dynamics 365 provides a powerful and flexible project management capabilities in CRM.PSA is an integrated solution built to manage services from sales through invoicing. As Dynamics 365 for PSA is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM as it operates on one comprehensive solution and it requires no integrations. PSA enables team members to work collaboratively to ensure customers are satisfied well as maintain profit requirements.

With team access to smartphones and tablets your team members can gain access to select  projects, update skills, enter time and expenses, collaborate using Office 365 anytime, anywhere for higher productivity.

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation consists of 7 core modules as discussed below:

Opportunity Management: Opportunity management enhances the visibility in to projects leading to potential opportunities, develop profitable proposals and deliver customer-pleasing projects. PSA Provide integrated sales dashboard with project-based opportunities to help forecast profitability and feasibility.

Project Planning: Project planning is the essential part that requires planning and management in order to achieve a desired outcome. It enables sales and project managers to associate on the work proposed and visualize on the cost and duration. Create and plan projects more efficiently with pre-defined templates, which allow users to quickly view the current project status, including project duration and milestones as the project evolves.

Resource Management: It is an essential tool for project managers that provides visibility in to the resources, based on the availability, cost and skill set, which is utilized in to the project work and balances resource workloads across multiple projects, by effective employee time and task allocation.

Team Collaboration: PSA Provide powerful, easy-to-use, mobile-ready Office 365 productivity tools for project teams, customers and partners to update deliverables and monitor status.

Time and Expenses Management: PSA provides an accurate tracking of time and expenses related to specific tasks. Submitting an internal and external notes, approvals of timesheets and expenses and updating the project status are made simpler with desktop, web, and mobile apps.

Customer Billing: It enables Project Manager to track and update all the project related costs that reflects the approved time sheets and expenses using invoice generator. Automate generation, approval and distribution of reconciled invoices in email and on the web with back-office financials integration

Analytics and integration: : Real-time Dashboards and Reports gives managers a clear and precise status on each project.

Dashboards allow you to track timelines, budgets, expenses and resources where you can compare project status of actual time spent vs. budgeted.