Save Your CRM Database and Ensure Smooth and Speedy Business Operations Using Email Attachment Manager

A clean CRM will always ensure smooth and speedy business operations. Often, CRM gets crowded with Email and Notes Attachments and eats up the major CRM database leading to CRM slowness and unresponsiveness. Things get baffled when you are running out of space in CRM but have to retain some important attachments. That is where MTC’s Email Attachment Manager can come in handy to you.

Email Attachment Manager gives you the flexibility to:

  • Delete the unwanted/outdated attachments of either Email or Notes or both
  • Move the attachments to a SharePoint location and replace them with SharePoint path location in CRM
  • Save the attachments on a local drive
  • Schedule to run the executable using windows program or host exe in azure.

Email Attachment Manager ensures user-friendliness in the way it allows a CRM user to select the date range, file extensions and file size, thereby extract the files and take necessary action.     

With this arrangement, CRM users can seamlessly access endless files without hurting the performance of the CRM while keeping the operational costs to bare minimum.