Manage Your Resources’ Activities Efficiently For Greater Productivity and Profitability

Resources are the building blocks of any organization. The more they support your vision and goals the more your organization flourishes. Managing resources and their activities is a cakewalk if the resource size is 10-50 members but not beyond that. It really takes special effort to monitor and manage resources’ activities for bigger resource size. Especially, when you are using a Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to manage your business cycle it become even more critical to view and monitor each resource activity for enhanced productivity and profitability. That’s when Group Calendar solution can come handy to you.

Generally, the calendar in Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers limited capability for CRM users to go about their business activities. For example, the calendar in Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports only two activities namely Appointment and Service Activity. It severely cripples you if you have other activities to be scheduled for your resources at different timelines. On the other hand, Group Calendar accomplishes bigger goals by offering you to schedule Task, Phone call, Letter, Fax and Email apart from Appointment and Service Activity with simple configuration settings.

Take a look at what Group Calendar can do for your business.

  1. Group Calendar allows you to view activities of your teams and team members across calendar and timeline views.
  2. You can create and assign activities right from the calendar page itself without having to dive deep into other pages.
  3. Activities can be viewed in daily/weekly/monthly modes across calendar and timeline views.
  4. Activities can be color coded based on different criteria and activity type for easy identification.
  5. At any given time, you can reschedule an activity by simply dragging the activity bar to the desired date and time.
  6. You have the option to filter users/activities/facilities for selective viewing in the calendar.
  7. Apart from 7 activities, one custom activity can be configured using Group Calendar.
  8. A small calendar on the big calendar shows dates with subscripts if at all any activities are scheduled on those particular dates. By this, you can get a fair idea on the number of activities on any particular date and number of activities assigned to a resource.
  9. Also, you can print a calendar, export and copy URL for sharing with others.

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