Expense Tracking in a Job using TotalServ Pro

Expense tracking in TotalServ Pro plays a significant role in expense management. It will keep a track of Income-Expense of a user on a day to day basis. TotalServ Pro allows users to log Expenses for different jobs and Trips, send them for approval, and have them reimbursed by the Organization. Expense tracking offers important features like (Client reimbursement, Attach Receipts) that improve business transparency and customer satisfaction.

How Expenses are tracked in TotalServ Pro?

• Easily allocate expenses to projects to enable quick client billing and employee reimbursements.

• TotalServ Pro keeps track of all expenses you have spent. It also Manage your reimbursable expenses in short span than it takes to go through a stack of paper receipts.

• Employees can send their expenses for approval to their managers and have them reimbursed for the expenses they have spent while performing any task.

• In TSP you can attach the receipts of the expenses with drag and drop functionality on expense form there by providing full transparency to clients on the expenses incurred.

• Expense Tracking in TotalServ Pro is customizable, efficient, and cuts down on operational costs.