Benefits of Time Tracking in TotalServ Pro

In today’s fast-paced technologically advanced world, time management is very crucial. Business Time management plays a pivotal role in the growth and development of an organization. MTC has unveiled TotalServ pro which has well established time management system from the upmost to the lowest level so that the ample amount of production is achieved. Time tracking in TSP make it incredibly easy for team leaders and managers to keep track of all ongoing projects in the organization.


Here are the Benefits of Time Tracking with the TSP Application

  • Time sheets in TSP helps you to determine your employees' work time efficiently. One can record their entries on a daily and weekly basis and get an overview of how much time has been registered on each activity.
  • With TSP’s time tracking software, your project based business can effectively account for project costs, track budget versus actual, and analyze real-time reliable project time and cost information to make timely and sound business decisions.
  • Time postings are routed through an approval process which can be viewed, assessed, and adjusted by managers. Finally, approved time posts are collected to a final review and volume Invoice generation, makes volumes of company’s performed work feel like no work at all to bill your clients timely, accurately, and professionally.
  • TSP time sheets increase control over billable projects which in turn increases project visibility and workforce productivity.
  • TSP time sheets facilitate real-time communication and decision-making and with time tracking it is easy to configure dashboards and extensive reports for financial analysis.