Manage Your Time Efficiently with TotalServ Pro Application

Managing time in Totalserv Pro is an essential feature that has the potential to improve the process of planning work, estimating timelines more accurately, and billing clients with great precision.


How TSP Helps to Manage Your Time Efficiently?

TSP leverages advanced Microsoft Technologies to control project timelines, project delivery and project resources. Below are few of the areas where the impact on time could be felt using TotalServ Pro.

Project Planning

Project planning is the essential part that requires planning and management in order to achieve a desired outcome. With TotalServ Pro you create and plan projects more efficiently with pre-defined templates, which allow users to quickly view the current project status, including project duration and milestones as the project evolves. This will save tons of your time and helps you to work in an organized manner.

Assigning Resources

While assigning a resources project managers get the better visibility in to the resources, based on the availability, cost and skill setwhich is utilized in to the project work. These tools (Gantt scheduler, Top View scheduler, Task board) helps in quickly assigning a resources to a project. Therefore better resource allocation results in better time saving and control on project costs.

Capture Billable and Non Billable Hours

Managers doesn’t have to waste their time in identifying the actual spent on a project. With Totalserv Pro users can capture the billable hours and Non Billable Hours. Billable time is the hours you are paid for spent on client project. The Non Billable time is the hours you are not paid for directly spent on performing the tasks. Effective time capturing results in accurate billing and ensures project transparency.

Billing Better, Clear Invoices

Seamlessly carry over tracked billable time and expenses into invoices for crystal-clear billing, and rely on automation to get invoices.