How TotalServ Pro Billing Software Can Help Your Business Grow?

TotalServ Pro ties accounting and financial management in to your businesses service operations in real-time offering closed-loop control and analysis of your Job/Project profitability and overall company’s financial growth. Totalserv Pro billing system has the information about invoices, cash receipts and return details. This information guides the sales teams to ensure they are meeting their targets in terms of revenue generation. With the Totalserv pro billing users can get the key information regarding the invoice i.e. (invoice status, last billed date, invoice amount, discount offered,

sales tax). This in turn helps the sales representatives to complete their sales cycle.


How your Business grows using TSP Billing Software?

  • TSP has an integrated billing system so that sales and services representatives does not have to login in two different systems for carrying out their job functions. This will drastically bring down the costs and help them to work in a coordinated fashion.
  • On a single screen, user can create an invoice, calculate sales tax, print or email it, and then post it, so that your customers can pay with equal ease. Apply checks, cash, or credit cards for payments in a simple one step process. Recurring invoices automatically sends invoices to customers.
  • Eventually once the invoice is generated it would hit the accounting system where the general ledger transactions would be created (where the end user can view the debit and credit information for a particular period of time).
  • Totalserv Pro has the highly sophiscated accounting reports where the user can get the the information on the aging of the invoices. The main objective of this reports is end user will have the clear and precise information on the cash flow in the organization which in turn helps in decision making for a user.
  • TSP can prevent lost revenue and lagging billing cycles thereby improving cash flow. Ultimately TSP billing software allow users to integrate appropriate accounting metrics in order to better understand billing operations and, in turn, improve efficiency and profitability.