Setup Email Signature in Dynamics 365

Using Email Signature feature you could able to create and manage email signatures from the CRM.

Email Signature is new feature which has been introduced in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Version.

  • Email Signatures are only configurable on a per-user basis. What that translates to is that if one user creates an email signature and sets it as their default. For each user, you need to customize the Email signature.
  • Email Signature will not support Dynamics Data fields to get the data from the field.
  • Once the default signature is added to draft email, you could able to edit the signature.
  • To setup an Email Signature for your user account, there will be two ways to create and manage Email Signature.

Setting up Email Signature from the personal option:

  • Navigate to options –> Set Personal options –> Click on Email Signature tab


  • On Email signature tab click on New tab as shown below:


  • Click on Save for the update.


Using Email Signature:

  • The second way to set up the Email signature is navigate to settings –> Templates –> Email Signature


  • Once you have given the signature click on save. One user can create multiple signatures. In order to make the signature appear automatically whenever you draft new email, in this case you need to click on Set as Default button.
  • You can revert these option by clicking on the Remove Default button which replaces the set default signature.


  • After setting up the email signature, when you are opening an email activity you could able to see the Email Signature in Draft email as shown below.
  • By clicking on the insert signature button you will see the list of multiple signatures related to user then choose the different signature.


The recommended way to use the Email signature through Email Template. This is beneficial when it comes to larger CRM deployments, as the Email template allows dynamics data fields. If CRM Deployment contains small amount of users it’s better to use Email Signature feature which is very simple as explained above.