• Contextual email communication

    Dynamics 365 Sales with Outlook enables Sales teams to compose email within the context of the record currently working on, navigate between records, multiple active draft emails open simultaneously, preview the content before sending, add attachments, and use email templates to optimize commonly used tasks. The email with non-blocking pop-up window gives salespeople to compose more thoughtful emails to their customers and improve the quality of engagement.

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  • Portal Checker enhancements

    The Portal Checker tool checks portal configuration, identifies potential configuration problems, and provides solutions that help resolve portal issues. Portal customizers and administrators can use this tool to quickly resolve common issues and reduce the amount of time spent on diagnosing issues.

    Go to Power Apps Portal page. Select more commands (…) > Settings.


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  • Automatically create and update records

    The new enhancement in Dynamics 365 Customer Service will enable a new record creation administration experience in Unified Client Interface. Records can be created or updated from incoming activities such as emails, social activities, and custom activities. This new experience uses Microsoft Power Automate and provides an easy-to-use interface to create or update conditions and actions.

    This feature will channel external data into the Common Data Service platform and significantly improves the efficiency of your sales, marketing, and service teams while increasing the quality of your data. It supports activities such as Email, Social activity, Task, Phone call, Appointment, Service activity, Custom activity for creating records.

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  • Configurable Case Resolution Page

    Dynamics 365 Customer Service supports customization of the Case Resolution dialog box which helps managers identify recurring issues and proven resolution patterns to inform other incident responses.

    The updates of case resolution main form dialog box provide customers with additional functionality to support case resolution entities and edit the dialog box. It provides a powerful construct to expand the case resolution entity to support business needs that enable users to add and remove fields instantly without writing a single line of code.

    It is involved with four steps are as follows:

    • Step 1: Set permissions
    • Step 2: Enable customizable dialog
    • Step 3: Create status values
    • Step 4: Edit form

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  • Agent productivity enhancements to knowledge capabilities

    2020 Release Wave 1 update in Dynamics 365 Customer Service has introduced enhanced agent experience for easily accessing knowledge articles for addressing customer queries and issues. The improved filtering and sorting options will enhance agent productivity. Additionally, agents can now do Knowledge Base Search outside of case entity offering them more flexibility and control.  

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  • How to enable 2020 Release Wave 1 update in your CRM?

    2020 Release Wave 1 has introduced new apps and over 400 features in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. Before you could explore these innovations, you must enable this release update in your CRM instance. So, here is a simple way to do it.

    Go to admin.microsoft.com. Login with your CRM credentials.

    From the Microsoft admin center homepage, click on All admin centers under Admin centers in the site map as shown below.

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  • Dynamics 365 Sales New Feature #2: Work with opportunities in the Kanban view

    Kanban view in Opportunities enables sales team to work more efficiently by keeping a track on the progress of Opportunities intuitively. Using Kanban sales team can move opportunities from one stage to another through drag-and-drop facility. Opportunities within Kanban are shown as cards with each lane reflecting different status or business process flow.

    Configuration: Click on settings > Customizations > Customize the system.

    Select Opportunity under Entities. Click on Controls tab > Add Control.

    You will be redirected to Popup window of Add Control where select the Kanban. Click on Add button.

    Make sure that the Kanban is added in the Controls tab of Opportunity entity. And then click on Save and Publish.

    Functionality: In the site map, select Opportunities. Select any Opportunities view (E.g. Open Opportunities). On the command bar, select the More commands icon > Show As > Kanban.

    Two types of Kanban views are available for opportunities:

    1. Business process flow stage (default view)

    2. Opportunity status.

    1. Business process flow stage: In the Business process flow-based view, swim lanes represent the stages of opportunities such as Qualify, Develop, Propose, Close.

    At the top of each lane, the total estimated revenue for the opportunities is shown. Also, shows a count of opportunity cards in that lane. At any given point, only the first 10 records or cards will be shown in any lane. Here, the count shows 10/18.

    You can quickly change the details for three fields of an Opportunity record, as the card fields are editable inline.

    You can use the Search box to filter the records or cards in the swim lane based on search criteria. E.g. If you enter the keyword "Video streaming Equipment," it will refresh the Kanban view to only show the opportunity records where the title begins with "Video streaming Equipment ".

    2. Status-based Kanban view: In the status based Kanban view, each swim lane represents a default opportunity status such as, Open, Won, and Lost.

    Moving a card to other lanes in the Status-based Kanban view opens the Opportunity status change dialog box as shown.

    You can drag an Opportunity card from the Open pane to the Won or Close lanes. (E.g. Card or Record named Video Streaming Equipment is dragged from Open to Won status).

    If you need further assistance, write an email to SalesTeam@mtccrm.com.

  • Dynamics 365 Sales New Feature #3: Enhanced experience for adding products to opportunities

    Often sellers are required to update opportunities regularly to reflect the purchase intent for every product and manage a wide range of products. Dynamics 365 Sales has added an enhanced experience for adding products to opportunities. Sellers can now add products quickly and intuitively with minimal effort.

    Configuration: Click on Sales (left-bottom) > App Settings > Product Catalog Settings. Enable the Adding products (preview) Enhanced add product experience. Click on Apply button.

    1. Look up products directly from the catalog: Search and find products based

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  • Dynamics 365 Sales Feature #1: Manage activities with ease

    Managing activities in Dynamics 365 Sales has gotten easier and smarter with the new improvements. Activity Management in Dynamics 365 Sales provides an efficient way to manage and assign tasks across the team to ensure harmony. The introduction of new improvements provides productive and intuitive ways to manage tasks across the team while ensuring that the team’s tasks are prioritized, organized and delivered. 

    With the new improvements, you can:

    • Find activities quickly
    • Navigate activities quickly
    • Update activities quickly
    • Benefit from Calendar view

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  • Creating a Case in Dynamics 365 Using Power Automate

    For certain Power Automate will reduce the number of repetitive tasks that you and your team take on daily. It will help you automate the business process so that you can focus on more productive tasks saving time and energy. From the Organizations standpoint, Power Automate will make their resources more efficient and productive thereby enhancing business productivity and profitability.

    Let’s see how to create a case automatically in Dynamics 365 when a customer reports an issue with a product.

    From Office 365 Portal, click Power Automate.

    You will be redirected to Power Automate window in a new tab.

    Click My flows.

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