Email Attachments to SharePoint

Email Attachments to SharePoint is a Dynamics 365 Addon built specifically to address the need of customers who want to fetch all email attachments of an entity record and selectively store them in SharePoint. Currently, there is no such out-of-the-box functionality in Dynamics 365, so customers are relying heavily on this addon to address their business needs.


Email Attachments to SharePoint works on all CRM entities in relationship with documents. It could be Account, Contact, Lead, etc. Initially, document libraries for selected entities should be created in SharePoint location. Then by using Email Attachments to SharePoint, you can map all the email attachments added in selected entity record to SharePoint.

In this article, let us look at the configuration and functionality of this addon.



Go to CRM > Settings > Solutions. Click and open the Email Attachments to SharePoint solution.

A configuration page is appeared in which make a click on Email Attachments to SharePoint.

Email Attachments to SharePoint window pops up. In Available Entities box, select the desired entity on which Email Attachments to SharePoint button is placed at ribbon in form.

Here, Account entity is selected in Available Entities and moved to Selected Entities where the same entity is checked in check box. Click on Save.

The window pops up with “Changes Saved Successfully” i.e., selected Account entity is configured with Email Attachments to SharePoint. Click on OK.


Document Management Settings:

Go to CRM > Settings. Click on Document Management.

Then click Document Management Settings.

Document Management Settings window pops up. Select the desired entity and make sure that SharePoint site that is linked to your CRM automated. Click on Next button.

Here, user can also select the folder structure for chosen entity and click Next.

Document libraries are created at the selected SharePoint Site location. Click on Finish.



To understand the functionality of Email Attachments to SharePoint, let us consider a sample Account record (E.g., A. Datum Corporation(sample)).

Go to Sales > Account > Account Record.

Scenario: There are some existing email attachments associated with an Account record which are to be fetched and moved to SharePoint. 

Let us see how to fulfil this scenario.

Simply click on the Email Attachments to SharePoint button configured on the Account Entity.

A window box pops up with all attachments available for the selected account record. Select all records or some records which you would like to move to SharePoint and click Upload.

Open the Documents tab. Select any one of the uploaded files and click Open Location to see the files in SharePoint site.

You will be redirected to the SharePoint site where email attachments are uploaded in specified location.

This way you can fetch and upload multiple email attachments to SharePoint at the click of a button.
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