Field Service Mobile App Setup

Field service mobile app is used by Technicians mostly to accomplish their tasks onsite the technician can view their work orders, the location where they must commute to perform some activity can use maps to reach a location, and more.

For using the field service mobile app:

  1. Create users and assign them proper security roles to use the mobile app
  2. Give access to users to use the mobile app.

How to Create Users And assign them security roles in Dynamic 365

1. Go to 365 administrator portal)

2. Select users>active users

3. Click On Add a user and enter the basic information.

4. Finish adding up users by Selecting license and user information.

Assigning Security Roles

1. Go to the Power platform admin center (

2. Select Environments in the left navigation pane.

Select the environment in which u want to add a security role to a user

4 . 
Click on Settings.


 5. Under users + permission, click on users.

Click on ADD USER on the command bar to add that user to your environment. 

7 . Search for the user whom you want to add to the current environment and click on Add.

8 . 
After clicking on add button, u will be redirected to the Manage Security Roles form. Select the role you want to assign to that user and click on the Save button

9.Refresh your page.

How to give access to users to use the mobile app.

 1.Go to

Go to apps in the left navigation pane.

3.Select the field service mobile app.

4 .Click on ellipses (…) as shown in the image and click on share.

5. Now, search for the user in the search box whom you want to give access to the mobile app. here, I am using user JOHN which I have created earlier as shown in the image. Now click on share at the right bottom.

6 . You will get a notification that sharing the model-driven app was successful. And you can see all the users to whom you have permitted to access the mobile app in the current section as highlighted in the image below.