Creating a Bookable Resource in Dynamics 365 Field Service

A bookable resource in Field Service is anything i.e., people (User, Contact), equipment and physical spaces (facilities) that can be scheduled.

User must be logged in with Field Service - Administrator or System Administrator security roles.


Go to Field Service app, select Resources > Resources entity > New. A New Bookable Resource page is appeared.

In General tab, input field of Resource type defines classification that describes who or what the resource is and how the resource relates to the organization.

User: Select this option if resource is a person and a member of your organization i.e., field technician who needs to access the Field Service Mobile app.

Account or Contact: Select this option if resource is not directly a part of your organization, but needs to be scheduled. (For E.g. Subcontractors allowed with scheduling framework works more easily by applying it to an organization's existing Dynamics system. In this case, an Account or Contact is chosen to manage workers, partners and contractors before Field Service is purchased and implemented.)

Equipment: Select this option if resource is a piece of equipment, tool, or machine that must be scheduled.

Crew: Select this option as the first step to create a crew to assemble a group of resources where scheduling the crew resource will schedule all crew members. (For E.g. If work involved two or more people or a person and a vehicle. Then the general process is followed to create a crew header resource with the resource type of crew, and then add other resources of resource type such as user, account, or equipment as resource children to the crew header.)

Facility: Select this option if resource is a physical space that needs to be scheduled. (For E.g. a building or room.)

Pool: Pool scheduling allows you to assemble groups of similar resources to manage capacity and give schedulers the option to assign specific resources at a later time.

In Resource Type field (E.g. User) is selected which enables the User field where input value (E.g. Omnichannel AppUser) is provided.

Name (E.g. Demo User) that can be different from the name of related user, account, or contact record. Also, the name which entered here will displays on schedule board.

Time Zone (E.g. (GMT-05:00) Indiana (East)) refers resource location which would be considered in the schedule process.

In Field Service tab, Hourly Rate field (E.g. 100$) defines hourly pay that the resource should be paid by company. It is used in the schedule journals to calculate pay for time worked.

Time Off Approval Required defines that the time off needs to be approved or not. If No is selected, time off request record will block the time on schedule board and show as nonworking hours for that resource. If Yes is selected, the same result will occur once the time off request is approved.

Warehouse: Select the warehouse from which the resource will picked up the parts.

Enable Drip Scheduling: It controls how many bookings can appear on the Field Service Mobile app at one time.

If No is selected, allows all bookings for a resource to display based on mobile settings (view and sync filters). If Yes is selected, that enabled a field of Bookings to Drip (E.g. 3) where can enter the total number of bookings displayed at one time.

Enabled for Field Service Mobile: Select Yes, if resource will need to use the Field Service Mobile app in phone or tablet. Otherwise, select No. Click on Save button.

It will enables the CHARACTERISTICS section where click on New Bookable Resource Characteristic button to add the new characteristic to this resource.

Note: While Work Order creation, a characteristics are provided. If those characteristics are matched with these provided here in the Bookable Resource, then this Resource record will automatically availed in the schedule board.

It redirects to Popup window where input fields of Skill Name (E.g. Control Systems Service) and Rating value (E.g. Good) is provided. Click on Save and Close button.

Similarly, CATEGORY ASSOCIATIONS section is enabled where click on New Bookable Resource Category Assn button to add the new category to this resource.

It redirects to open a Popup window where input fields of Name (E.g. Resource for Demo) and Resource Category (E.g. Field Service Lead) is provided. Click on Save and Close button.

In Scheduling tab, Start/End Location defines where the resource starts and ends the working day for scheduling and routing purposes.

  • Select Location Agnostic, if the location of this resource is not required for the business need and does not need to be considered during the scheduling process.

            Note: If the work location of a Resource Requirement in Work Order is set to Onsite, this Location Agnostic resources
            will not return in results.

  • Select Resource Address, if the resource starts and ends the day at a unique location. The exact location is derived from the latitude and longitude values on the related resource type such as user, account, or contact records.
  • Select Organizational Unit, if the resource starts and ends the day at an organizational unit i.e., company location which will be derived from the latitude and longitude values.

Organizational Unit (E.g. Fabrikam US) refers the resource belongs to.

Display On Schedule Board defines whether resource is eligible to be added in the schedule board or not. Select Yes, if resource can add to the schedule board.

Enable for Availability Search specifies if this resource should be enabled for availability search.

Work Hours: Working hours to the resources are considered by -

  • Schedule board would displayed working and nonworking hours as different colors.
  • Schedule assistant will displays only the resources that are working in results.
  • Resource Scheduling Optimization which automatically books requirements to resources that are working.

Click on Work Hours tab, select +New > Working hours.

It will be redirected to the Popup window of Working hours where choose the start and end time of working hours. Also, set the Repeat (E.g. Every week), Time Zone as required. Click on Save button.

The saved Working hours will updated in the Calendar view as shown.

It can be Edit or Delete the working hours by double-clicking the time slot in the calendar.

Additionally, it can add a new characteristic to this resource by clicking on Related tab > Resource Characteristics.

Click on New Bookable Resource Characteristic button which eases to book the suitable resource in work order.

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