Merge Duplicate Records in Dynamics 365 with 2020 Release Wave 2 Update

Dynamics 365 users, especially the sales team will be much relieved with the new enhancement in duplicate detection as part of Dynamics 365 Release Wave 2 update. The new enhancement allows Dynamics 365 users to merge duplicate records (accounts, contacts and leads) so that the most current information entered by the user could be merged with one of the duplicate records detected. By this, users need not manually merge records or visit a record to make additional data entry.

The improved duplicate detection and merge experience is in addition to the previously available duplicate detection experience.

Previous Experience:

In the previous experience whenever duplicates were detected by the system, a user was able to conveniently ignore the duplicates and create a new duplicate using Ignore and save option. Alternatively, user could visit any of the duplicate records by clicking it and add the necessary information thereby eliminating the need to create a new duplicate.  


Enhanced Experience:

The enhanced experience adds merging capability in addition to the previously available duplicate detection experience. So, a user can now merge the current record with any of the duplicate records detected by the system or simply create a new duplicate by using Ignore and save option or visit any of the duplicate records and make necessary edits.

Let us see the merging capability as the other part of duplicate detection experience is already covered in the above previous experience.

Whenever a user tries to create a duplicate record, a pop-up shows the current record and duplicates found along with the new Merge option.

A user can select one of the duplicates found and click Merge.

User will be navigated to Merge contacts window that shows both the current record and the matched record along with data and fields.

  • Users can select any record as the Primary record so that data in the secondary record can be merged in the primary record.
  • All notes, activities and information associated with the secondary record will be merged in the Primary record.
  • There are 2 checkboxes, one is Merge records by choosing fields with data and the other is View fields with conflicting data.
  • If user selects “Merge records by choosing fields with data,” then secondary record fields with data will be merged with the missing fields in the primary record. If same fields of both records have data, then the primary record field data is retained.
  • Otherwise, user can select “View fields with conflicting data” to see the mismatch data and select the fields with data that he wants to retain.

The newly merged record has the maximum data that the user might need.

How to Enable the Enhanced Duplicate Detection Experience?

Go to Power Platform Admin Center (

Select the Environment from the list of Environments in your Dynamics 365 instance on which you are working and click Settings on the top navigation.

You will be navigated to the Settings page.

From the Settings page, go to Data Management and click down arrow to see the list of available options. Click Duplicate Detection Settings from the drop-down menu.

You will be navigated to the Duplicate Detections Settings page.

In addition to the generally available “Enable Duplicate Detection” feature, you will notice a new feature “Enable improved duplicate detection and merge experience.”

In the Compare and merge duplicate records with more details and ease, the radio button “No” is selected by default, switch it to “Yes” and click OK. 

Refresh the browser to see the new changes being reflected in the system.

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