Power Automate UI Flows

Power Automate UI flows are used to automate the repetitive tasks in windows and web applications. The UI flows can record by using user interface actions such as clicks, keyboard input, etc., and play back further. Microsoft support RPA in the form of Power Automate UI Flows.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is used for the mouse clicks and keystrokes carried out by a user to complete a task which is replicated by a software process.

Unsupported action types of UI flows are as follows:

  • Double click
  • Mouse click
  • Mouse hover
  • Click and Drag
  • Touch (or) pen input
  • Open app before recording
  Unsupported Configurations:
  • Multi-screen
  • Recording through a virtual machine client (Remote Desktop, Citrix, etc.).
  • Multiple instances of an application where the main window titles are identical.
  • Application windows with identical titles (For e.g., Microsoft Outlook with multiple Untitled – Message (HTML) new mail windows active at the same time).
  • Playback on a device with a different keyboard layout than the device on which it was recorded.
  • Recording on a device or windows session while the browser with Power Automate is on a different device or windows session.

Creation of Power Automate UI flows:
 UI Flows Setup - For Creation of UI Flows, user need to setup the following:

  1. Record the required steps to execute the flow by substituting the parameters instead of typing values.
  2. To record and test the UI Flows, user need to download the tools –
  • UI flows in Microsoft Power Automate
  • Selenium IDE.
      3. Add the extensions in chrome browser for above tools.

Step#2: Create UI flow.

Go to Power Automate. Select + Create > UI flows tab. Click on +New to create a flow.

Build a UI flow page appears on which user must select (E.g. Selenium IDE) based on the type of application (i.e., windows or web) for which UI flow runs. Click on Next.

Here, provide the input values in fields of Flow name and Base URL (i.e., web application URL). Click on Launch recorder which ends up with the process of UI flow creation.

Open the Selenium IDE tool to record the flow. Click on Record button as shown.

It will be redirected to webpage which input URL provided in the base URL field. Click on Login.

It will be redirected to the Portal sign in page where the action of recording will starts automatically. Here, user can notice the “Selenium IDE is recording”.

User can get back to the Selenium IDE tool by clicking on Run button to run the recorded action after completion of recording.

In this way, user can automate the UI flow of recorded actions in web application using Selenium IDE instead of doing the manual repetitive tasks.

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