Microsoft Teams Integration to Dynamics 365

Below is the detailed procedure for integrating Microsoft Teams with Dynamics 365.


Go to Settings. Click on Administrator > System Settings > General tab. Enable Microsoft Teams Integration to Yes > OK.

There are 2 ways to integrate Microsoft Teams to Dynamics 365.

Procedure #1

Login to Microsoft Teams. User can use any existing team or create a new team (Here, let’s create a new Team and name it as Teams Integration).

Select and add members to the Teams Integration team & Click on + icon to connect it with Dynamics 365 app.

Search for Dynamics 365 app and select the primary entity. User can create a team for one customer (E.g. Lead/Opportunity) or list of customers (E.g. Active Leads) and Save button.

Now, user can create a new record, edit, navigate to the direct website of Dynamics 365 record (E.g. Lead) as shown. Members in the Teams Integration team can chat directly with the leads.

Procedure #2

Login to Dynamics 365. User can use an existing record or create a new record (E.g. Account).

Select Commands > Collaborate.

User can redirected to the Popup window of Collaborate with Microsoft Teams where click on Get started button.

Now, user
can able to view all Teams or create a new team in Teams app.  Select a Team (E.g. TSP) and click on Next button.

User can view all channels list in a selected team. User can also create a new channel by clicking on create a new channel > Next button.

Provide input value (E.g. MTC Sales) in Channel Name field. Click on Next button.

User can add any team member in this channel by selecting and check the checkbox of member. Click on Finish button.

Go to Teams app. Click on TSP Team > MTC Sales channel.

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