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MTC is built to be a leader in quality assured, easy-to-engage, and affordable Microsoft Dynamics, application, and portal engineering, solution implementation, and support services serving the Microsoft professional industry and end-users globally.

What if you could Hire Top CRM Resources Starting at $11.55/Hr. AND They bring to Your Practice CRM's Top Add-on Products Free... Yours to Sell. Introducing The Partner Equalizer.

In 2016 use a popular CRM Add-on library as your own to fill CRM functional gaps for added profit or to close bigger CRM solution sales, faster - & - leverage top virtual-in-house engineering capability required for larger unique CRM and CRM web portal solutions as an "Equalizer"
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MTC's "Partner Equalizer" Program is a Game-Changer in Markets Globally!

MTC offers the ultimate Microsoft Dynamics CRM "Managed Solution" Add-on products library for 100% margin sale or give-a-way to close CRM deals against CRM Partners that give-a-way their CRM add-ons to win deals. Email:

MTC's Equalizer Resources Start as Low as $462 per Week - That's only $11.55/Hour

"Equalizer" bundles are packaged to meet the Partner's need for specific resource skills. The number of CRM add-on products available to the bundle based on the number and skill level of the resources hired. MTC has 30 solutions available to this program. Product bundles included with a minimum of 2 Resources, including 1 senior resource, committed for a minimum of 26 Weeks. Product bundles are in a pre-set order.

The pricing below is for "Remote", weekly, 40-hour/week resources working from MTC’s India Operations Center adjacent to the Microsoft India Development Center. Restrictions apply – see website or contact MTC. Also available are Microsoft MCP Certifications for CRM and related competency on an annual basis. Skills of resources available.

Data Handing DBA Specialist - Data migrations & dB cleaning $2,000/Month
CRM .Net Junior Engineer – Reports, workflows, basic plugins $577/Week
CRM .Net Senior Engineer – Advanced solution development $808/Week
CRM Web Portal .Net Engineer – Custom Web portal development $531/Week
CRM Web Portal Designer -Custom Web portal design $2,300/Month
Compare your service billing rates with typical In-house Resource costs and typical outsource rates at 40 Hrs/Week
You Charge Your Burdened Cost Outsource Equalizer Program
Data Handling DBA Specialist $99.00/Hr $35.50 29.00/Hr $11.55/Hr
CRM .Net Senior Engineer $149.00/Hr $57.50 49.00/Hr $19.89/Hr
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All product licensing, for trials and or production use will be generated by MTC manually on request OR by the Partner as needed on the MTC portal and is subject to review by MTC. Time required in support of MTC products by MTC on behalf of the Partner is consumed against the contracted weekly resource utilization. MTC is eligible to collect future maintenance and will bill the end-client or allow the Partner to bill directly. The Partner earns 25% commission on the 25% annual maintenance. This program does not allow advertising the CRM add-on solution products on the Microsoft Pinpoint Dynamics CRM Marketplace, your own website, press releases or any search available web locations due to effects of MTC SEO mitigation and customer support confusion. Any use of the products or services in the Equalizer program that are found to be in completion with MTC in any way will constitute discontinuation of program for the partner.