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MTC is a preferred global-scale engineering services outsource to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partners

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It’s about the Cloud

From the beginnings of Amazon’s cloud offering creating a new way for innovative start-ups to gain access to scalable computing and eventually large corporations moved there customer facing solutions to 3rd party hosting centers. Google Play and Apple Appstore made cloud access for Consumers commonplace.’s cloud based enterprise solutions created a platform for add-on solutions in the AppExchange. NetSuite, SAP E-Business, Oracle E-Business all adding to the enterprise cloud add-on opportunity.

Today it’s about Microsoft Cloud and AppSource

Microsoft, long the software platform company, today a dominant player in the global cloud offering with Azure, Office 365, Online CRM and AX has revolutionized CRM and ERP in a cloud platform offering Dynamics 365 offering and an enterprise store front for download of business solutions as AppSource.

MTC is the Leader in AppSource Onboarding Services

MTC is a preferred global-scale engineering services outsource to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partners.

Also the #1 producer of add-on solutions to the Microsoft CRM platform. MTC was one of a small group of launch partners with Microsoft for the development of the AppSource for Dynamics CRM / 365. And launched AppSource with most # of offerings. Today MTC offers a specific service for onboarding to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and AppSource for global ISV’s expanding from for other platforms.

Click here to see MTC’s list of Published Dynamics CRM 365 solutions on Microsoft AppSource.

Who Needs MTC Today... SaaS Providers Alternate Cloud P

SaaS Providers

ISV partner and top contributor to Microsoft AppSource in the category of Dynamics 365 solutions is proudly offering AppSource Onboarding Services to:

Microsoft’s Dynamics Great Plains (GP) and Navision (NAV) as well as Solomon (SL) see the writing on the wall and can work with MTC...

Salesforce AppExchange ISV’s, NetSuite’s, SAP’s, and reseller developer ISV partners of most any enterprise solution seek MTC’s AppSource Onboarding and development services.

Business Partners for launching their Dynamics 365 apps on Microsoft AppSource Dynamics GP, NAV and Salesforce ISVs to migrate their solutions to Dynamics 365 Cloud and Onboard them to Microsoft AppSource.

With MTC’s leading AppSource Onboarding Services, you can quickly launch all your prestigious apps on Microsoft AppSource and amplify your reach to wider audience.

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MTC Multi-Services: Components of Engagement Upsell

AppSource Onboarding:

This is the process of providing the multitude of Services that are involved in providing guidance to the clients for seeing their product make it.

Services include:

1. AppSource Certification Testing
2. AppSource Azure Dev Center Account Set-up
3. AppSource Microsoft Relationship Intros and Consulting
4. AppSource Initial content development

Automated Testing Template Development:

As products by nature are revised the need to be continually regression tested and today that is an automated process. This is a separate Client Engineering service Upsell offering.

Components include:

1. Requirement Analysis
2. Pricing
3. Quote Prep and delivery

Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance:

Because products by definition change and the platform changes there is potential to extend the relationship at a flat rate of basic “maintenance” at 25% rate for bugs fixes, minor inclusion of features, Updates, All Microsoft upgradation free.

Components include:

1. Initial Sale of Service
2. Criticality Analysis
3. Engagement
4. Quote Prep and delivery

Next Project:

As most ISV’s have more than one product and want the same MTC team to have continuity to their products with no delay, next projects are sold before the previous product hits 90% complete.

Components include:

1. Initial Next project discussion
2. Requirement Analysis
3. Engagement
4. Quote Prep and delivery

Marketing Services

Marketing Services:

There is a great consultative and critical relationship building activity that involves including the ISV in the MTC “Family” of Dynamics CRM Leadership. This is an incremental revenue opportunity for MTC earning a % of sale of New ISV items. This is a selling and sharing process that may include the following aspects -

1. Product Literature Content: There is an opportunity for MTC to actually sell – upsell – content development based on the fact that the client doesn’t know Dynamics 365.

2. Microsoft Introductions: MTC will help ISV’s in maximizing the development and leveraging of Microsoft AppSource specialist, CRM Dev Engineering specialists, and Azure Marketplace specialist, teams.

3. Tradeshow Introductions: Educate and introduce ISV’s to the successful marketing tactics within the available tradeshows and User Groups by making introductions and offering Co-sell opportunities.

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4. Co-Selling: MTC can be a primary route of selling ISV’s product where both parties can share the percentage agreed upon. MTC can offer its inside and Outside Sales teams . Offer listing and ecommerce on its web sites. MTC could use IS solutions internally to learn and best appreciate the products for swelling purposes... as well as operational benefit to MTC.

Globally Efficient and affordable Engineering Services

MTC pioneered low-published pricing a decade ago and today operates a modern transparent model of live project management and hourly engineering work posting review and/or approval...

Firm-bid Component Re-development – MTC will quote your specific project in complete but predicable components Monthly Managed Services – Best-rate monthly resource

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