THE PARTNER EQUALIZER PROGRAM Equalizer is not the same as a MTC firm-bid turnkey project engagement of managed results. This is a maximum-value program for longer-term projects and businesses that do self-manage. Equalizer is MTC overhead-removed services with MTC's ERP to self-manage MTC's Resources

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What if you could Hire Pro CRM Resources Starting at $11.55/Hour...

AND they brought Great Practice Tools and Dynamics 365/CRM's Top Add-on Products at no-charge... Yours to Sell and Gain AppSource Leads. Introducing… The Partner Equalizer Program


Gain the Professional Practice Tools and broad competency on-demand Resources of the largest successful practices… tailored to your firm, branch, or region. Leverage access to the largest virtual component code library. Use the largest and most popular CRM Add-on catalog from AppSource as your own to fill CRM functional gaps, add profit, and generate leads. Close bigger Dynamics 365 / CRM and Portal solution small biz and enterprise sales, faster… with the "Equalizer".

The Partner Equalizer Program is a Game-Changer Globally

he dominant dedicated Dynamics 365 Outsource firm globally, also #1 in # of AppSource solution offers, has created The Partner Program for today's fast-paced globe-accessible Cloud-empowered business models.


Everything your Dynamics VAR needs to win bigger deals now, generate more leads, revenue, profit, grow footprint, gain differentiating IP, and have more control while doing it - Much Easier Than You Think


MTC backs you with state-of-the-art custom Dynamics 365 Pro Services tech at MTC, in your hands, and to your customer with 24/7 transparency, a wealth of on-demand resources from solutions architect, PM's, designers, .Net CRM & web dev, to testers, demo support, functional consultants, and more… at globally affordable and very competitive rates

The 1 On-Demand Partner Program that is Comprehensive and Affordable

Sample pricing below is for "Remote", Weekly, 40-hr/week resources working transparently, tracked and managed 24/7 online with real-time status updates, from MTC’s Operations Center, adjacent to the Microsoft India Development Center (MSID). Restrictions apply – see website or contact MTC. Microsoft MCP annual Certifications available. On-site resources available at higher rates.

Data Handing DBA Specialist - Data migrations & dB cleaning $462/Week
CRM .Net Junior Engineer - Reports, workflows, basic plugins $577/Week
CRM .Net Senior Engineer - Advanced solution development $808/Week
CRM Web Portal .Net Engineer - Custom Web portal development $531/Week
CRM Web Portal Designer - Custom Web portal design $531/Week
Sr. Project Manager - Enterprise Solution Engagement Experience $916/Week
Jr. Project Manager - Large Engagement Experience $687/Week
Functional Consultant - Business CRM Process support $986/Week
Technical Consultant - CRM Solution Architect – Proof Dev $986/Week
Test Engineer - Quality Test Engineer $462/Week
Specialized Engineering or Business Resource you need - Ask Affordable

Equalizer is not the same as a MTC firm-bid turnkey project engagement of managed results. Equalizer is MTC overhead-removed services with MTC's ERP to self-manage MTC's Resources.

EQUALIZER INCLUDES A DYNAMICS 365/CRM SERVICES ERP Specialized “Services” company ERP with Customer and Resource services Portal for intelligent practice and uber-esque resource management and customer online real-time services transparency. Use Quote to Cash, Task/Resource Gantt Template, Forecast, Job. Match Portal to your website, including e-commerce.

You get TotalServ Pro’s (TSP) easy-to-use Job/Project management state-of-the-art intelligent visual tools to improve the productivity and assure the profitability of your practice with real-time deep analytic financials.

Manage external Resources and even see-through to manage your MTC Equalizer resources and product dev and AppSource leads and sales.

TSP is the Dynamics 365 / CRM and Office 365 you have but with Partner services maximized - sales Opp/Quote forecast, advanced scheduling, accounting, resource and client e-commerce 24/7 full-transparency online portal.

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Equalizer Includes a Library of Add-on Products to Give-a-way, fill Bigger Deal Gaps, or Privatize Your Unique Products for AppSource

Included With 2 Resources

CRM Picture, NotePro, mail signature, Export Data Tool

Add for 3 Resources

Email-to-Lead, Email Attachment Mgr, Email-to-Quote, Document Sign

Add for 4 Resources

Spell Checker, Group Calendar, Resource Calendar, Sales Product Editor, Customer Survey

Included With 5 Resources

Editable Grid Pro, Calendar Pro, Expense Manager, CRM Web e-commerce

Equalizer includes having MTC build unique AppSource product offers from MTC IP for get Leads and Sales! GAME CHANGER!

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